Day 1 (Thursday 14 July)

9-11 registration and refreshments (Martin Hall foyer)

11-12.30 conference opening and plenary 1: Ruth Ahnert ‘‘Trending’ topics in the Tudor State Papers’

12.30-13.30 lunch (Martin Hall foyer (and outside if weather permits))

13.30-15.00 panel session 1

New Sources for Words Chair: Gillian Wright Jack Avery, Thomas Clifton, Marco Condorelli Sir Robert Martin TheatreAphra Behn’s Exclusion Chair: Margarete Rubik Rachel Adcock, Juliana Beykirch, Marcus Nevitt MHL.0.03 (Leonard Dixon)Civility, Cultural Exchange, and Conduct Literature in Early-Modern England Chair: Emily Smith Douglas Clark, Emma Depledge, Erzsi Kukorelly MHL.0.07Questions of Method through Women’s Writing Chair: Mel Evans Sylvia Adamson, Catherine Ingrassia, Laura Runge MAR.106

15.00-15.30 tea/coffee break (Martin Hall foyer (and outside if weather permits))

15.30-17.30 panel session 2

Blasphemy, Corruption, and the Varying Virgin Chair: Richard Jason Whitt Fraser Dallachy and Marc Alexander, Mark Knights, David Manning MAR.106Unreliable Words   Chair: Kate Loveman Karen Gevirtz, Samuli Kaislaniemi, John Spurr, Helen Wilcox MHL.0.03 (Leonard Dixon)Material Words   Chair: Al Coppola Claudine van Hensbergen, Juan A. Prieto-Pablos, Bethany Thomas, Elena Watts-Johnson MHL.0.07Workshop: The Shakespeare’s Rivals Project   Michael Cordner, Hannah Eggleton, Ben Kawalec Sir Robert Martin Theatre  

17.30-18.30 drinks reception and launch of The Cambridge Edition of Aphra Behn, in Martin Hall foyer (and outside if weather permits) sponsored by Cambridge University Press and The Seventeenth Century

dinner by own arrangements (a list of some local eateries will be provided)

Day 2 (Friday 15 July)

8.45-10.30 panel session 3

Linguistic Frameworks and Early Modern Words Chair: Mirjam Haas Mel Evans, Ding Huang, Alysia Kolentsis, Emily Smith Sir Robert Martin TheatreWords across Nations Chair: Kerry Featherstone Eszter Kovács, Richard Maber, Annalisa Nicholson, Rafael Vélez-Núñez MHL.0.03 (Leonard Dixon)Alice Thornton’s Books Chair: Valerie Rumbold   Cordelia Beattie, Sharon Howard, Suzanne Trill MHL.0.07Workshop: An Introduction to Doing Creative Things with Words   Sara Read and Megan Constable MAR.106

10.30-11.00 tea/coffee break (Martin Hall foyer (and outside if weather permits))

11.00-12.15 plenary 2: Tim Harris ‘Empire, Liberty and Slavery in Restoration England’ Sir Robert Martin Theatre

12.15-13.00 lunch (Martin Hall foyer (and outside if weather permits))

13.15-14.45 panel session 4

Aphra Behn: Words and Concepts Chair: Annalisa Nicholson Aleksondra Hultquist, Amelia Mills, Margarete Rubik Sir Robert Martin TheatreEarly 18c Words Chair: Gillian Wright Kate Loveman, Valerie Rumbold, Nick Seager MHL.0.03 (Leonard Dixon)Performance beyond Words Chair: Arianna Maiorani Carey T. Coleman Jr, Mirjam Haas, Cora James MHL.0.07James Shirley Chair: Emily Stevenson Caroline Taylor, Teresa Grant, Stefania Crowther MAR.106

14.45-15.15 tea-coffee break (Martin Hall foyer (and outside if weather permits))

15.15-16.30 plenary 3: Terttu Nevalainen ‘How to do things with language change in the long 18th century’ Sir Robert Martin Theatre

16.30-16.45 comfort break

16.45-18.15 panel session 5

The Language of Science Chair: Karen Gevirtz Katie Aske, Benjamin Lomas, Richard Jason Whitt Sir Robert Martin TheatreJohn Milton’s Words and beyond Chair: Alysia Kolentsis Jameela Lares, Eva Momtaz, Ellen Roberts MHL.0.03 (Leonard Dixon)Publishing Words Chair: Nick Seager Crystal Biggin, Al Coppola, Leah Orr MHL.0.07Shifting Forms, Places and Conventions Chair: Teresa Grant Anna Mikyšková, Filip Krajník, Klára Škrobánková MAR.106

19.00 conference dinner if booked (Burleigh Court), or dinner by own arrangements

Day 3 (Saturday 16 July)

9.15-10.45 panel session 6

The Language of Love Chair Aleksondra Hultquist Jennifer Batt, Alexandria Morgan, Gillian Spraggs MHL.0.03 (Leonard Dixon)Travelling Words Chair: Rafael Vélez-Núñez Susan Amussen, Emily Stevenson, Sonia Villegas-López MHL.0.07Workshop: Digital Textual Scholarship, Why, How, and When Not to Make a Digital Edition Elizabeth Williamson MHL.117ab

10.45-11.15 tea/coffee break (Martin Hall foyer and Martin Hall first floor break-out space (and outside if weather permits))

11.15-12.45 panel session 7

Revolting Words Chair: Katie Aske Charles Cathcart, Braden H. Hammer, Ann Hughes MHL.0.03 (Leonard Dixon)Circulating Words Chair: Mia Mills Mary Chadwick, Marie-Louise Coolahan, MariaJosé Coperías-Aguilar MHL.0.07Restoration Words Chair: Marcus Nevitt Caroline Curtis, Peter Hinds, Hannah Straw MHL.117abThomas Nashe’s Words Chair: Jennifer Richards Kirsty Rolfe, Emily Rowe, Rachel White MHL.0.01 (Stanley Evernden)  

12.45-14.00 lunch (Martin Hall foyer and Martin Hall first floor break-out space (and outside if weather permits))

14.00-15.30 plenary 4: Martin Dzelzainis ”A great master of words’: editing Andrew Marvell’ and formal close of conference Sir Robert Martin Theatre

15.30-16.00 refreshments/discussions about future publications/projects for those interested Sir Robert Martin Theatre

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