Rob Hume is Evan Pugh University Professor at Penn State University. His sixteen books and 150 articles are widely varied: (1) genre: The Development of English Drama in the Late Seventeenth Century (1976); (2) Italian opera in London: coauthor of Italian Opera in Late Eighteenth Century London (2 vols. 1995, 2000); (3) historical method: Reconstructing Contexts: The Aims and Principles of Archao-Historicism (1999); (4) the economics of culture: co-author of The Publication of Plays in London, 1660-1800: Playwrights, Publishers, and the Market (2015). He is currently working on two books: Historicist Methodologies for Literary Study 1926-2017 (from Ronald Crane to Margaret Ezell), and with Claire Bowditch, “forc’d to write for Bread and not ashamed to own it”: Aphra Behn’s Finances (with a biographical timeline).