Tranche A

Dr Rachel Adcock: The City Heiress

Dr Kate Aughterson: The Luckey Chance

Dr Claire Bowditch: The Counterfeit Bridegroom (with Prof. Elaine Hobby), Sir Patient Fancy, and The Town Fopp

Prof. Elaine Hobby: The Counterfeit Bridegroom (with Dr Claire Bowditch), The Debauchee, The Emperor of the Moon (with Dr Alan Hogarth),  and The Rover

Dr Alan HogarthThe Emperor of the Moon (with Prof. Elaine Hobby)

Dr Anita Pacheco: The Widdow Ranter

Prof. Margarete Rubik: The Younger Brother


Tranche B

Dr Rachel Adcock: The Roundheads and The Young King

Dr Kate Aughterson: The Revenge

Prof. Ros Ballaster: The Fair Jilt

Dr Jennifer Batt: Lycidus

Dr Claire BowditchThe False Count and The Feign’d Curtizans (with Prof. Elaine Hobby)

Prof. Line Cottegnies: Agnes de Castro and La Montre

Prof. Karen Gevirtz: The History of the Nun

Prof. Elaine HobbyThe Feign’d Curtizans (with Dr Claire Bowditch)

Dr Marcus Nevitt: The Second Part of The Rover

Prof. Paul Salzman: The Lucky Mistake, and eight further works of short fiction, first published posthumously

Prof. Helen Wilcox: Oroonoko

Dr Gillian Wright: Behn’s verse (c. 100 titles)


Tranche C

Prof. Victoria Burke: ‘Seneca Unmasqu’d’

Prof. Line CottegniesA Discovery of New Worlds

Dr Mel Evans: Behn’s letters

Prof. Elaine HobbyThe Amorous Prince

Dr Aleksondra Hultquist: Love-Letters between a Nobleman and his Sister

Dr David McInnis: Abdelazer

Dr Anthony Ossa-Richardson: The History of Oracles

Prof. Jacqueline Pearson: The Dutch Lover and The Forc’d Marriage


General Editors

Dr Claire Bowditch:

Dr Mel Evans:

Prof. Elaine Hobby:

Dr Gillian Wright:


Postdoctoral Research Associate

Dr Alan Hogarth:


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