Tranche A

Dr Rachel Adcock: The City Heiress

Dr Kate Aughterson: The Luckey Chance (with Dr Claire Bowditch)

Dr Claire Bowditch: The Luckey Chance (with Dr Kate Aughterson), Sir Patient Fancy, and The Town Fopp

Dr Jennie ChallinorThe Counterfeit Bridegroom

Prof. Elaine Hobby: The Debauchee, The Emperor of the Moon (with Dr Alan Hogarth),  and The Rover

Dr Alan HogarthThe Emperor of the Moon (with Prof. Elaine Hobby)

Dr Anita Pacheco: The Widdow Ranter

Prof. Margarete Rubik: The Younger Brother

Tranche B

Dr Rachel Adcock: The Roundheads and The Young King

Dr Kate Aughterson: The Revenge

Prof. Ros Ballaster: The Fair Jilt

Dr Jennifer Batt: Lycidus

Dr Claire BowditchThe False Count and The Feign’d Curtizans (with Prof. Elaine Hobby)

Prof. Line Cottegnies: Agnes de Castro and La Montre

Prof. Karen Gevirtz: The History of the Nun

Prof. Elaine HobbyThe Feign’d Curtizans (with Dr Claire Bowditch)

Dr Marcus Nevitt: The Second Part of The Rover

Dr Leah Orr: The Lucky Mistake, and eight further works of short fiction, first published posthumously

Prof. Helen Wilcox: Oroonoko

Dr Gillian Wright: Behn’s verse (c. 100 titles)

Tranche C

Prof. Victoria Burke: ‘Seneca Unmasqu’d’

Prof. Line CottegniesA Discovery of New Worlds

Dr Mel Evans: Behn’s letters (manuscript, printed, and posthumous)

Prof. Elaine HobbyThe Amorous Prince

Dr Aleksondra Hultquist: Love-Letters between a Nobleman and his Sister

Dr David McInnis: Abdelazer

Dr Anthony Ossa-Richardson: The History of Oracles

Prof. Jacqueline Pearson: The Dutch Lover and The Forc’d Marriage

General Editors

Dr Claire Bowditch:

Dr Mel Evans:

Prof. Elaine Hobby:

Dr Gillian Wright:

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Dr Alan Hogarth

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