Line Cottegnies is professor of early-modern literature at Sorbonne Université. She is the author of a monograph on the politics of wonder in Caroline poetry, L’Éclipse du regard (Droz, 1997), and has co-edited several collections, including Authorial Conquests: Essays on Genre in the Writings of Margaret Cavendish (AUP, 2003) and Women and Curiosity in Early Modern England and France (Brill, 2016). She has published widely on seventeenth-century literature, and has edited fifteen plays for the Gallimard bilingual Complete Works of Shakespeare (2002-16) and 2 Henry IV for Norton Shakespeare 3 (2016). Her most recent publication is Robert Garnier in Elizabethan England: Mary Sidney Herbert’s Antonius and Thomas Kyd’s Cornelia (MHRA Tudor and Stuart Translation Series, 2017), co-edited with Marie-Alice Belle.