The Call for Papers for our conference ‘How to do things with Early Modern Words’ closes on 30 September 2019. In addition to our wonderful plenaries, we have some excellent speakers already committed to presenting. See our updated CfP for more details. Please do come and join us in Loughborough in April 2020!


Volume IV to the Press

The General Editors are very pleased to announce that the first volume of The Cambridge Works of Aphra Behn has now been submitted to Cambridge University Press. The volume of five plays (Volume IV in the overall sequence of eight) includes those written at the end of Behn’s career: The City Heiress (1682), The Luckey Chance (1686), The Emperor of the Moon (1687), The Widdow Ranter (1689) and The Younger Brother (1696). We anticipate that the volume will appear in late 2020. We wish to thank all our editors and advisory board members for their sterling work in putting this volume together. More updates when we have them.


Yale Symposium

In late September, Prof. Elaine Hobby will be travelling to Yale University to give a talk on our experiences from editing Aphra Behn, as part of the symposium ‘Scholarly Editing of Literary Texts’. The event features six general editors of scholarly editions from the long eighteenth century, and a blog report will be forthcoming.

* From Behn's The City Heiress